A Church Home – No Judgement Attached

Been Judged Much?

Have you ever walked into a new place (whether it be church, school, work, a friend’s house, or event), and felt completely isolated and out of place?  Ever feel like you don’t belong because of what you’ve been through, or what you haven’t accomplished yet?  Do you ever feel disqualified, unworthy, or afraid to speak up in fear of judgement or being undervalued?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I can assure you that you’re not alone, and believe it or not, we know how you feel.  

Sadly, most people have felt these exact emotions (and more) at one point or another.  It’s an epidemic that keeps us from being true to others and being true to ourselves.  We all deserve the chance to learn, share, and grow, because the truth is, all of us come from somewhere and we’ve all been given a story to tell.

We are Called to Serve, Not to be Served

Some people come from happy homes with the occasional crazy uncle.  Others are pushing through life despite emotional, verbal, and physical abuse.  Far too many are secretly going hungry, with either too much pride to reach out, or not enough knowledge and/or resources to get the help they need.  There are children and adults alike that hide their pain behind a brave smile, only to sink further into their hidden despair.  Still some are walking along a dark path and are hoping to find their way to the light.

There is a hurting world outside of our church walls, and too many lives are waiting to be changed for us to spend time and energy finding reasons to be against each other.

FCC Prayer

So What’s Different?

When you enter FCC Mesquite, you won’t just be welcomed, you will be loved – no strings, and certainly no judgements attached.

You will be empowered here.  You will be comforted here.  You will be encouraged, strengthened, instructed, respected, honored, and cherished here, because we strive to practice the love we speak of.

FCC Sanctuary 2

If you are looking for a new church home, we urge you to come join us for our Sunday worship services and/or another event.  We would love to have you and answer any questions you might have about our church, and most importantly, the Lord Jesus Christ.